Product Overview

Simplified underwater sensing.

Smart Mooring is the underwater extension of our Spotter platform. It anchors Spotter to the seafloor and expands its sensing capabilities beneath the surface. Simply deploy your Spotter and Smart Mooring devices and start gathering underwater insights in real-time.

Ready to Deploy

Smart Moorings can be shipped pre-built or assembled easily by a user. Equip your device with up to three underwater sensors, choose from a wide range of cable lengths, and deploy to depths of up to 50m.

Powered by Spotter

Spotter is the “brain” of Smart Mooring, serving as a reliable hub for power, connectivity, and data delivery. All subsurface insights are viewable in real-time via the Spotter dashboard and API.


Smart Mooring is Bristlemouth-enabled, unlocking plug and play capability with our fast-growing list of compatible off-the-shelf sensors.


Need a fully custom Smart Mooring solution? Our team is ready to get creative. Using Bristlemouth, we’ve worked with partners to devise innovative subsurface configurations.

smart mooring by Sofar Ocean