Product Overview

The Teledyne TSS Gyrocompass Changeover System (GCS) has been developed to ensure that your navigation system is continuously supplied with heading information from a bank of up to four connected heading devices, such as the TSS Meridian or Saturn gyrocompasses. The selection of the heading source can be carried out either manually or automatically. Retransmission circuits are housed in a rugged enclosure suitable for bulkhead mounting.

The operational interface is via either one or two connected control and display units. The display units incorporate colour LED TFT touch panel technology and provide all operational controls and displays in a clear format for interpretation at a glance. The system is designed to meet the important requirement that no single failure within it shall result in loss of heading information to receiving devices.​

Key Features

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Supports up to 4 connected gyrocompasses
  • 16 x IEC 61162 serial data outputs
  • Comprehensive status and alarm interface​
  • Dedicated output for VDR
  • Manual or automatic switching of heading source
  • Supports connection of up to 2 colour TFT touch panel control and display units
  • ​Type approved to the Marine Equipment Directive​
  • ​Service free MED approved system when connected to our Meridian or Saturn Gyrocompasses for cost effective ownership and operation
  • Increased ship safety through automatic heading device selection
  • Low cost solution for monitoring up to four individual heading inputs
  • Better efficiency due to dual control option
TSS Gyrocompass Changeover System by Teledyne