Product Overview

Gyrocompass repeaters are valuable tools in creating a full gyro system, and our repeaters fully integrate with our gyros. This extensive suite includes a number of single output readers as well as Control and Display Units (CDU). The available ancillaries increase the versatility of many of our gyrocompasses and also form integral parts of a full gyro system.

Key Features

  • Easily integrate with Gyrocompasses
  • Components of a full gyro system
  • Increase the versatility of many TSS Gyrocompasses
The range of gyro repeaters includes:
  • Bearing Repeater
  • Data Repeater
  • Digital Repeater
  • Heading Repeater
  • Dial Repeater
  • Dial Repeater (Twin Speed)
  • Rate of Turn Indicator
  • CDU (MK31 or Saturn)
  • Data Distribution Unit
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Changeover System
The range of gyro ancillaries includes:
  • Pedestal Stand
  • Bulkhead Bracket
  • Azimuth Circle (Prism or Vane types)
TSS Gyrocompass Repeaters by Teledyne