Product Overview

The HydroPACT 350 provides a reliable and simple method for performing accurate submarine surveys on a tone-carrying cable. It is available as a 110V system or a 240V system, both depth rated to 3,000m with a 6,000m option.

The 350 system operates in real-time and provides accurate measurements at a rate that allows integration on faster ROVs. The measurement technology used by the system also allows it to operate out of water with no degradation in performance, range or accuracy.

In surveying submarine cables, the system measures, displays and records the position of the target relative to the ROV, and its depth of cover beneath the seabed. Operation is unaffected by the burial state of the target cable, the presence of non-ferrous metallic objects, or the heading of the ROV.

The HydroPACT product family includes a surface display computer (SDC) or rack mount computer (RMC10) option. The SDC displays information from the DeepView for Windows™ software which is used to guide the ROV along the course of the target. It makes all acquired survey data available to external data logging equipment as well as also being used to configure and control the 350 system. By interpreting the signals from the subsea installation, the SDC provides a graphical display that helps guide the ROV towards the target and then track it. Simultaneously, the SDC uses one of its serial data ports to transmit the real-time survey information to an external data logging system. The RMC10 option offers a smaller footprint that communicates survey data to other equipment on-board the ROV’s support vessel, eliminating the need for a separate screen module just for the 350.

Key Features

  • Cable location data and depth of burial data
  • Combination of advanced DSP technology and proven tone detection techniques
  • Cable fault location
  • Accurate and reliable survey data with quality control envelope
  • Vehicle skew angle data
  • Look-ahead information
  • Tone frequency discrimination
TSS HydroPACT 350 by Teledyne