Product Overview

Dualtrack is the combination of the 440 and the 350 systems to provide the ultimate subsea detection system, capable of tracking and surveying pipes and cables via ROV deployment.

It utilizes the same industry standard pulse induction technology as the 440 system to survey accurately regardless of vehicle heading. The accompanying display and control software is Windowsâ„¢ based providing a familiarity factor that a specifically built interface would not.

Performance parameters are exactly the same as the 440 and 350 systems, the Dualtrack just combines the two to provide one solution for all subsea pipe and cable detection needs. It is a fully integrated system with altimeter, mounting frame, field spares and documentation.

Key Features

  • Pulse induction technology allows for accurate survey regardless of vehicle heading
  • Tone discrimination​
  • Windows™ based display and control software
  • DSP techniques give quality control information
  • Long range detection of buried subsea targets
  • ​Combined pipe and cable detection system
  • Industry standard and proven technology
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple to install and service
TSS HydroPACT Dualtrack by Teledyne