Product Overview

The new TOGS subsea navigation system is built on core TSS fibre optic gyro (FOG) navigation technology with significant improvements in efficiency and functionality. It is available in three standard heading accuracy variants: 0.1° (TOGS1), 0.3° (TOGS3) and 0.5° (TOGS5), all rated for operational depths to 4,000m or 6,000m. Attitude data is delivered via accurate roll/pitch measurement capabilities of 0.01° (TOGS1) and 0.05° (TOGS3 and TOGS5), and a heave performance of 5cm or 5%.

Built for OEM ROV manufacturers and operators, and with a number of options available, the highly flexible TOGS units are ideally suited to installation on a wide range of ROVs.

All TOGS systems have an alignment time, from switch-on to settle, of only 10 minutes giving less downtime and allowing for more operational time. An AHRS-to-INS option is also available to upgrade to the new TOGSINS for inertial positioning.

Key Features

  • Three model options; 0.1­­°, 0.3° and 0.5°
  • Choice of lightweight, high quality 4000m & 6000m titanium casings
  • AHRS-to-INS upgradable
  • Large range of outputs to suit most applications
  • ​Based on tried and tested Teledyne TSS fibre optic gyro technology
  • Fast alignment giving less down time and more operational time
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to use common TSS embedded browser interface
TSS TOGS by Teledyne