Product Overview

TOGSNAV is a comprehensive and fully integrated navigation system for ROVs that builds on the TSS core fibre optic gyro technology and inertial navigation capability by adding a fully coupled and fully integrated Teledyne RDI phased array Pioneer DVL.

Available in three standard heading accuracy variants: 0.1° (TOGSNAV1), 0.3° (TOGSNAV3) and 0.5° (TOGSNAV5) with further options of DVL performance; 600kHz (100m) and 300kHz (275m), as well as an optional XRT (Extended Range Tracking) that offers a 50% increase in bottom tracking range.

Inertial position data is produced using an improved Kalman filter for superior performance, alongside the accurate heading, attitude and heave capabilities. Additional external coupling is available (GPS, USBL and LBL), as well as accepting input from an external depth sensor and sound velocity via an external SVS.

The system benefits from the Pioneer DVL offering BM8 mode, optional XRT, highly accurate time of validity output, and trandsucer and system health monitoring. It comes with a built-in INS-DVL calibration function, making it easy to perform location-based calibration, whilst removing the need to expensive sea trials, for optimal accuracy.

With an alignment time of 10 minutes offering less downtime and more operational time, the TOGSNAV is built for OEM ROV manufacturers and operators, and with a number of options available, it is highly flexible and is ideally suited to installation on a wide range of ROVs.​

Key Features

  • Three model options; 0.1°, 0.3° and 0.5°
  • Lightweight, high quality 4000m housing with 600kHz or 300kHz DVL
  • Choice of depth range: 600kHz (100m), 300kHz (275m)
  • Additional external coupling; GPS/USBL/LBL
  • Able to accept both external depth sensor and SVS to give better flexibility
  • Based on tried and tested Teledyne TSS fibre optic gyro technology
  • Built on the Teledyne RDI Pioneer DVL offering BM8 mode, optional XRT, highly accurate time of validity output, and transducer​ and system health monitoring
  • Built-in INS-DVL calibration functionality for optimal accuracy
  • Easy to use common TSS embedded browser interface
  • Low power consumption
  • Single ROV connection with additional connections for sensor inputs
TSS TOGSNAV by Teledyne