Product Overview

The expertise of nearly 30 years of experience and over 5000 DVLs in the field has been distilled into a pocket-sized package—the Wayfinder DVL. Designed for today’s micro-ROVs, precision navigation and positioning of underwater vehicles has never been easier and more affordable. Wayfinder beats any DVL in its size class when you want to:

Reduce Costs
  • Minimize repairs, repeat work, and integration headaches with lower-quality solutions.
  • Track position without the added expense and complexity of a Ultra Shor​t Baseline (USBL) system.
  • Know vehicle altitude without the cost and added payload of an altimeter.
Create Better Images and Maps
  • Support flexible mission objectives from subsea cameras and videography to seabed mapping.
  • Record locations where images/photos were taken.
Improve Productivity
  • Navigate safely, even in turbid and deep water.
  • Find and retrieve deployed objects more efficiently. ​
Reduce Complexity
  • When Piloting Hover and station keep your ROV with confidence.
  • Mark waypoints or sites for later return.​

Key Features

  • Pocket-sized packaging: At just 10x10x7 cm, the palm-sized Wayfinder is ideally suited to micro-ROVs.
  • Unmatched performance: Superior data quality compared with other DVLs of similar size.
  • Affordable: TRDI’s renowned performance and data quality at an unprecedentedly low price.
  • Reliability: Literally thousands of Teledyne Marine DVLs are used worldwide on critical commercial, academic, and defense missions.
  • Easy integration: Comprehensive open-source online tools, support, and documentation.
Wayfinder DVL by Teledyne