Product Overview

The Workhorse Monitor is Teledyne RD Instruments most popular direct-reading Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler. The unit is typically bottom frame-mounted and hard-wired to shore to provide real-time monitoring of coastal currents. This Workhorse Monitor's high data accuracy and reliability make it a favorite for deployments in high-volume traffic areas such as ports and harbors, where the data is often integrated into a Vessel Traffic Monitoring System.

Key Features

  • Accuracy and reliability: The Monitor is ideally suited for the most demanding environments, including high traffic areas such as ports and harbors.
  • Versatility: This direct reading unit can easily be upgraded to include pressure sensor, external battery pack, bottom tracking, and directional wave measurement.
  • Precision data: BroadBand signal processing delivers very low-noise data, resulting in unparalleled data resolution and minimal power consumption.
  • A four-beam solution: 4-beam design improves data reliability, improves data quality, and improves data accuracy.
Workhorse Monitor ADCP by Teledyne