Product Overview

Teledyne RDI'S Workhorse Waves Array is an innovative, cost-effective upgrade that allows you to take your Teledyne RDI ADCP to the next level. Via a simple upgrade, you can capture not only the industry's most field-proven and dependable precision current profiling data, but highly accurate multi-directional wave measurements as well.  

Teledyne RDI's Workhorse ADCP has long been viewed as the industry's most versatile ADCP. With a single instrument you can collect precision ADCP data from the seafloor, the surface, or even a moving vessel. And now, for the fraction of the cost of a stand-alone waves measurement tool, you can add highly robust multi-directional waves measurement capability to your instrument's repertoire.

Why limit yourself to a single measurement, or settle for inferior measurements, when Teledyne RDI's Waves Array allows you to have it all - at a price that meets your budget.

Key Features

  • Versatility - Via a simple upgrade, Teledyne RDI’s Waves Array allows you to transform your Workhorse Sentinel, Monitor, or H-ADCP into a powerful Waves Measurement tool.
  • Affordable - As an upgrade to your Teledyne RDI ADCP, the Waves Array is one of the industry’s most economical, yet powerful, waves measurement products you can buy.
  • High Quality Current Profiling Capability - High quality wave data is collected at the same time you collect your full current profiles.
  • Accurate - Teledyne RDI’s ADCP Waves Array uses 3 independent methods to observe the wave field, from which you can validate your results and even inter-compare directly with traditional methods.
Workhorse Waves Array by Teledyne